We are always seeking the right people to join the Camberwell South Primary School Team. 

As part of our vision, we pride ourselves on promoting an unrelenting focus on building positive and caring relationships in our school community and central to all our work is student wellbeing.

We are welcoming to all and offer a high level of service in every aspect of our work that is rarely found in schools.

Our supportive learning environment provides excellent opportunity to flourish focussing on professional growth.

We have high expectations of all staff and students.  The heart of the role of a teacher at Camberwell South Primary School is to ensure that every student receives the highest quality education every day.

Our staff are an extremely motivated and collegiate group of dedicated educators who continuously share their insights about classroom practice with each other.  We plan and teach in teams and intentionally use demonstrably, highly effective instructional strategies. 

Our curriculum caters for the whole child and our approach is research-based and educationally sound.  We are welcoming to all, are inclusive and celebrate diversity.  We actively seek ways to enhance learning by partnering with families and we encourage community involvement. 

The moral fibre that guides our culture includes:

Innovative and
contemporary learning

Inclusion and diversity



Authentic learning

We invite all interested persons to make contact with the school to further discuss potential opportunity to join our team.