The goal of the French program at CSPS is to develop an understanding and a love of the French people, culture and their language. We do this by developing the students’ skills in speaking, reading and writing in French from Prep to Year 6. The curriculum aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students:

  • Have an ability to use greetings and communicate simple sentences in French
  • Are exposed to specific vocabulary such as the weeks, months, seasons, food, colours, sports and numbers
  • The lessons are delivered in an interactive manner to maximise students’ engagement. A range of tools and activities are used to enhance the students’ interest in their learning of French. Music, games, gesture, drawings, stories, books and ICT are all used to encourage students to have a go at listening, speaking and writing French.

French Club

Our French Captains run the weekly French Club where students are welcome to attend and have fun. Some activities this year have included French food, games, art and craft, and literature.