Kodaly, Orff and Musical Futures philosophies of teaching are used as a foundation to deliver the Performing Arts Program at CSPS, and these expand to include composition, ICT and new pedagogy. 

During music lessons students:

  • Learn the traditional notation system, and explore graphic notation

  • Are exposed to well-known symphonic works

  • Play the xylophone, ukulele and djembe

  • Develop their own pieces within the context of a particular genre and perform/record their work for an audience

  • Sing and perform on a regular basis

  • Develop performance presentation skills to be confident before an audience

  • Move in time to music.

These classes develop grounding, knowledge and confidence in the performing arts so that the students are able to explore avenues of self-expression and make ongoing informed choices about further participation and future music consumption in adult life. 

The classroom program is foundational to the extended elective programs on offer, and the various music, dance and drama teachers collaborate regularly at annual school musical performances. There are a range of extension opportunities available to those students who wish to be included:

  • Instrumental Elective Program

    • Strings – violin (Years 1 to 6)

    • Keyboard/Piano (Years 1 to 6)

    • Drum Lessons (Year 1 to 6)

    • Guitar (Years 3 to 6)

    • Brass, woodwind and percussion (Years 4 to 6)

For more information and to contact a tutor or book a lesson, click here.

  • Ensemble Elective Program

    • The CSPS Concert Band

    • Strings Ensembles: Beginner Strings, Senior Strings and Chamber Strings

    • The CSPS Vocal groups: Super Singers, Solo Voice Club and Treble Makers

    • Lunchtime Dance Clubs

Evening concerts are held every term to showcase talent from the Instrumental and Vocal/Ensemble elective programs. 

Every two years, CSPS partners with an outside provider to stage a whole school musical production.