At CSPS, the goal of our numeracy program is to promote the love of maths while simultaneously developing maths skills in a structured and supportive environment. We aim to achieve this by developing each student’s ability to understand and apply reasoning, fluency and critical thinking to everyday experiences. As part of our approach to teaching Mathematics, teachers use diagnostic assessments and teacher observations during small group work to determine individual learning needs which then informs future teaching and planning of mathematical concepts.

Learning in Maths centres around 4 key proficiencies: Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning, working interchangeably to develop mathematical thinking. The proficiencies are fundamental to the learning process. These 4 proficiencies outlined in the Victorian Curriculum are applied across all three strands Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Research shows us that successful mathematicians engage in all of these skills at any given time, which is why we use open-ended tasks and real-world problems to deepen students’ understanding of maths concepts.


At CSPS, we understand the importance of choice which is why we encourage students to represent and share their thinking using a variety of tools including whiteboards, iPads, unifix, MAB, play and real money and so much more. We encourage students to work independently, in pairs or small groups. Through mixed groupings, students come to realise the value of collaboration and peer learning is strengthened.