CSPS School Council Structure 2019

Camberwell South Primary School is fortunate to be supported by an incredible School Council; diverse in experience and expertise, utilised to direct our school for the benefit of our students, current and future. 

School Council is supported by five key sub-committees, including:

Education and Policy Sub-Committee

With consultation, develops and reviews the educational philosophy and policies and oversees all curriculum areas. 

Finance Sub-Committee

Assists, as directed, the School Council in meeting its financial responsibilities.

Buildings and Grounds (BAGS) Sub-Committee

The development of ideas and recommendations in connection with the grounds and facilities, providing internal and outsourced resources and expertise to complete implementation. 

Fundraising Sub-Committee

Oversees the development and management of fundraising plans that deal with internal and external fundraising issues and activities.

Trading and Operations Sub-Committee

Assists the School Council in fulfilling its responsibilities in directing use of facilities, creating and implementing clear policies for business relationships/sponsorships and uniform shop operations.

School Council Members

Picture, title and information (sub-committee + qualifications/background)