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Welcome to Camberwell South PS

I am proud and privileged to be elected your School Council President for 2019.  Having served for the last two years as Convenor for the Trading and Operations Sub-committee and Convenor of the Building and Grounds Sub-committee and with three children currently enrolled at the school (with a fourth to commence next year) I feel I am in a solid position to lead School Council through what we hope will be a productive and enjoyable year.

The CSPS School Council aims to help improve student learning outcomes, foster our dedicated teaching staff, lead school community conversations about key issues and challenges in education and promote meaningful parent and community participation at the school. 

It consists of a diverse mix of parents, teachers and external business advisors who support and challenge each other regularly to ensure we deliver the best outcomes possible for CSPS whilst ensuring a united approach to continual school improvement. 

With 450 students to challenge and grow we can only do this with the help and support of around 40 teachers and support staff, the engagement of our extended local community and the many networks extending from our active and well established Parents and Friends Association (PFA). 

Our PFA enhance and support the school community by providing opportunities for social interaction, participation and contribution for parents and friends whose common interest relate to the school. 

At CSPS there is genuine parent engagement and involvement in your child’s learning journey and we encourage the entire CSPS community to get involved with the school.  Research has proven that parent involvement at your child’s school leads to all children doing better.  Epstein’s overlapping spheres of influence model, which you can see below, recognises that students learn more and succeed at higher levels when home, school and community work together and play collaborative, complementary and supportive roles to support learning and development.

Figure 1: Epstein’s overlapping spheres of influence model

Figure 1: Epstein’s overlapping spheres of influence model

For those families already part of CSPS I know that you are already committed and engaged at CSPS as much as you can be and trust that your children are getting the most out of their time at CSPS.  For families of prospective students, I hope this is a gateway for you to find out more about what CSPS can offer you and your children and that you choose to join us.

Pernille Cavanough
School Council President