Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

In the STEM learning area at CSPS we focus on the learning areas of Technology, Engineering and Maths. Science is taught as a separate curriculum area in the classroom at this time.

We have a developmental approach to all learning in STEM.  We are attempting to develop fundamental skills in problem solving, design, critical thinking, risk taking, perseverance and curiosity through coding, robotics, design and 3D printing as well as other media creation activities.


Through the use of applications such as Scratch Junior and web based Scratch software students are introduced to block coding and use the applications to create digital stories and interactive games.

Through the use of the application Kodable students are introduced to sequencing of directions using blocks to unravel problems in the form of mazes.


Students are introduced to Beebots and Spheros robots and work to direct their robots through a series of mazes of varying difficulties, documenting their course using the Show Me application on iPads.

Students are introduced to LEGO WeDo 2.0 robotics including the motion sensor and tilt sensor and use the LEGO EV3 robotics to build understanding of more advanced robotics.


3D printing

Students use Tinkercad web based design environment to design and print a 3D model.

Making Projects

Students explore and create various engineering projects.

Film Making

Students explore elements of film making.  They broaden their ideas of visual literacy through the creation of short films and animations to show to an audience.

Notebook computers

Junior school students are introduced to networked computers, learning to manipulate the mouse and develop keyboarding skills, login to a network and develop understanding of networked laptops, access software, find websites and information.